Business tourism with Auto Management

Business tourism with Auto Management

Business tourism — the oldest of all types of travel. Already in the beginning of evolution the man was able to engage in commercial activities, he began to regularly go and see the neighbours with the aim to trade something useless for something useful, to unite against an external enemy, finally, others to look, itself to show.

And as the 21st century humanity is ideally debugged mechanism of business trips, and today is engaged in a branch of the tourism industry. Business tourism covers a vast range of travel. This trips not associated with idleness and vacation, but just the same, those whose purpose it is to work and all the things that a commercial enterprise can derive a direct financial benefit.

The main purpose of business travel:

-Actually a business trip (business trip) businessmen and enterprises;
-Meetings and negotiations with partners;
-Meetings with management and colleagues, representatives of branches and affiliated structures;
-On operation of representative offices and branches;
-Establishing and maintaining business contacts;
-The Congress and exhibition and incentive tourism;
-Visit professional events (exhibitions, conferences, etc.);
-Training of employees;
-Appeal to the state structures of various countries;
-Organize events.

Company Auto Management occupies a worthy niche in this business and works with companies of all sizes – from small companies to large holdings by providing prompt and quality travel services.

We will help you in organizing complicated routes with multiple stops, consider a sudden change in plans, unforeseen circumstances and unusual directions to find the best route and accommodation in full compliance with corporate standards. Comprehensive service support will save your time, a limited budget and will increase the efficiency of business travel.

In its work, the company Auto Management applies the advanced software that allows to optimize the processes related to the organization of travel, manage travel expenses for our clients, to take into account personal preferences and budget.

Company Auto Management has great experience in servicing:

-Corporate tours
-Business meetings and visits
-Retreats, professional trainings, workshops, mini exhibitions
-Attendance or participation in exhibitions, congresses, symposia
-Training courses, internships
-Specialized tours like Spa tours, gastronomic tourism, yoga tour

The advantage of our company is that we are looking for an individual approach to each client, taking into account all wishes. We will prepare and offer interesting, innovative program that is suitable for your group, coordinating it with you, and, in the case of changes, will promptly react and make the appropriate amendments.

We provide round the clock support to its corporate clients. Our experts are always in touch by phone or email. We are ready to promptly assist you on the way. With all of this, our specialists handle it quickly and professionally. Our employees have extensive experience and the necessary tools in order to offer you the best possible trip.

The cost of our services is generated on request and depend on your order quantity and the number of members in the group. The program also depend on your personal preferences and the specifics of the group.

Here you will be able to order additional services for your business trip:

-Booking of hotels
-Booking of the premises for conferences or seminars
-Support groups are in place
-Entertainment program (excursions, tastings, entertainment, to purchase tickets for shows, concerts, sporting events, walks on yachts, helicopters, private jets, cultural program)
-Services of professional interpreters (simultaneous, consecutive translations)
-Transportation services (vans, minibuses, passenger cars, buses and transport of VIP class)
-Organization of visits to relevant enterprises
-Programs for team building
-Catering (banquets, Lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, booking restaurants)
-Photo and video shooting, production of videos
-Decoration (hall decoration, technical support, printing).

Let you only care about the purpose of your trip and all organizational issues we take on.
You can order our services in three ways:
• by phone: +7(812) 920-45-54 (direct MTS)
• submit online application form : HERE
• write us on e-mail: