• Business tourism with Auto Management

    Business tourism with Auto Management

    Business tourism — the oldest of all types of travel. Already in the beginning of evolution the man was able to engage in commercial activities, he began to regularly go and see the neighbours with the aim to trade something useless for something useful, to unite against an external enemy, finally, others to look, itself to show.

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  • VIP transport

    VIP transport

    VIP transport is the excellent quality service that meets the highest requirements. VIP hire with good driver - the most essential accessory that would complete a positive image in the eyes of future partners.
    The car is the most convenient way to travel.

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  • Personal driver

    Personal driver

    Daily life in the ultra modern metropolis such as the city of St. Petersburg requires its residents enhanced mobility, and even sometimes it is not enough to have a personal vehicle as necessary on the road to solve issues, to have free hands and head, so very often without transportation with a personal driver is indispensable.

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  • Executive class limousines

    Executive class limousines

    There is a tradition, a perfect wedding needs to decorate a long, luxurious limousine. A few years ago, it was the invariable attribute of the wedding. But the desire to stand out, some couples eventually began to pay attention to the Cars and Retromobiles, as well as Executive class cars.

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  • Rent Minivan in St Petersburg

    Rent Minivan in St Petersburg

    Stylish and modern Minivan Viano is a trendy car, the new generation created in three convenient series: standard, Long and Extra Long, that differ by the length of his body.
    More space, more comfort.

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  • Corporate taxi

    Corporate taxi "AM"

    "Corporate taxi – a unique opportunity to highlight the prestigious feature of your event. Show yourself worthy, and stand out among the mass of competitors."
    Better emphasizes the status of the business – class car with a personal driver.

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  • Operational leasing car

    Operational leasing car

    What is operational leasing of the car? Operational car leasing market in Russia is relatively new type of transaction, the operational however, the popularity of car leasing has increased rapidly.
    So what is operational leasing?

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  • To give the car in good hands offer specialists outsourcing

    To give the car in good hands offer specialists outsourcing

    In St. Petersburg begins to form a market for the outsourcing of the fleet.
    If in Moscow there is already a lot of companies specializing in providing outsourcing services to corporate clients in the Northern capital players in this market unit.

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  • Rental car with driver, what's the benefit?

    Rental car with driver, what's the benefit?

    One of the important points that affect the image of business people - car.
    All the well-known Russian proverb – "Meet on clothes, escorted to the mind".
    The question naturally arises: what is the most "cover" in the contemporary view?

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  • External fleet management

    External fleet management

    An external control can be transmitted to the existing fleet, and created from scratch.
    Their other cars. Vehicles served on the side. In St. Petersburg the service of the external fleet management is used today mainly large foreign companies and banking institutions.

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