VIP transport

VIP transport

VIP transport is the excellent quality service that meets the highest requirements. VIP hire with good driver - the most essential accessory that would complete a positive image in the eyes of future partners.
The car is the most convenient way to travel.
Today, especially for the transport support of major events (international forums, summits) are increasingly required to rent a VIP transport and to be more roomy to feel comfortable and not feel embarrassed.

Calling to hire/rent Executive class cars with driver, any client wishes to get a stylish comfortable transport, which quickly and comfortably takes it in the desired location.

Available rent a car from the company Auto Management requires a high mobility and unrestricted freedom of movement — something that is important for today's active and business people, large organizations and international delegations. To ensure that every customer is satisfied with the cooperation with us, we gathered in one fleet over hundreds of cars with better performance.

Depending on the occasion, the trip purpose and the number of passengers we can provide to our clients:

-luxury cars: Mercedes-Benz E212 E212 and restyling, Mercedes-Benz S221 and S222, Mercedes-Maybach.
-The VIP cars: a Rolls-Royce, Lexus, Bentley, Maybach.
-luxury limousines and convertibles: Ford Mustang,Chrysler, Cadillac Eldorado.
-Spacious minivans and minibuses: Mercedes-Benz Viano, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.
-Roadsters, jeeps.

Vip transfers our passengers we have vehicles that meet all the requirements of comfort, reliability, and security: armored vehicles, organization of maintenance DPS - green corridor and the guards if necessary.

Executive car – part of a certain level, which is required for important events, concerts of stars of show business, entertainers. To provide people comfortable feeling, but also to keep the brand, organizing important cultural, sporting, economic or political event in St. Petersburg, you will need a good transport – for example, Mercedes 221.

Meeting important guests on the Executive car class will emphasize your prestige and high level of service. Qualified drivers will provide you with timely provision of a car and a comfortable ride on any route. With our company you will never be late for a flight or business meeting, or a concert.

Rent Executive cars are made in most cases:

-while performing concerts, for transfer artists in the city – and their riders often prescribed white Mercedes high level;
-during official events with participation of high-ranking officials, foreign delegations;
-to move the heads of major corporations in the city, in which they came to visit;
-for wedding and prom, or many other important events.

Among the advantages of our company:

-a huge fleet of vehicles;
-optimal conditions of the contract;
-experienced drivers with great experience;
-pleasant and unobtrusive European service;
-for a contract You don't have to go anywhere, our Manager beforehand to discuss the details of the booking and will come to You for the contract.

Rent a Mercedes is not a simple procedure, great importance which has the right model, and the vehicle without damage, with a good driver, with air conditioning. It is important, therefore, to some transport companies to carry out the order of Mercedes. The company provides Auto Management rent a car in St. Petersburg and not only.

The best fleet of vehicles, reasonable prices and quality service is the benefits that we can offer each client.
Using the services of the airport limousine company Car Management, You will appreciate the high level of service, maximum punctuality and travel comfort.

You can order our services in three ways:
• by phone: +7(812) 920-45-54 (direct MTS)
• submit online application form : HERE
• write us on e-mail: