Executive class limousines

Executive class limousines

There is a tradition, a perfect wedding needs to decorate a long, luxurious limousine. A few years ago, it was the invariable attribute of the wedding.
But the desire to stand out, some couples eventually began to pay attention to the Cars and Retromobiles, as well as Executive class cars.
Legacy classic holiday gradually passed into history, however, the Executive class has been gaining more and more popularity. And the reason for that issue every time with new modern series car.
Now we'll talk a bit about each of them.

-Convenient because you can properly decorate wedding limousines, luxury cars Executive cars are Mercedes E-212, or the Mercedes S-221 will be a perfect example not only comfortable, but also fast roaming in urban congestion.

-Skillfully accentuate the sophistication of the occasion, luxury Limousines will be able to placed in his cabin to accommodate up to 10 people, and will look gorgeous in the Parking lot, but at the same time, they will cost much more and will be 50/50% comfortable in city traffic.

This raises a problem, having made the decision to rent a car, what do you need to pay attention:
Executive VS class Limousines. To find the right answer to a question that modern couples choose, or in other words, from a trip in which the car will remain more experience, and they will remain for life. We offer you to independently verify the quality of each of them.

The tradition of "Wedding limousine" is advantageous in that it is in his cabin, the couple will have all the conditions to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere in the company of his family and friends. In General it's about ten people, and choosing Limousine, you can always be sure that the pull down to the registry office with them.

Unlike a limousine, a noisy group of guests, universal fit Mercedes Executive class is a perfect example of beauty of any holiday, and profitable investment that solves several problems at once:

-First is comfort, prestige, and speed.
-Secondly – it's all the comfort in harmony with a subtle sense of style.
-Third is the completion of a car most modern technical equipment, ranging from a versatile trip computer and climate control systems, and not ending – with Parking sensors, cruise control, air conditioning, heated seats and compact-equipped with interior transformer with sliding table and other technical features.

When renting a car, Mercedes Vito or Viano, you can always be assured of a reliable level of safety, comfort and silent driving fast.
As a car the Mercedes E-212Мерседес E-212, or the Mercedes S-221 is completely isolated from external sounds is always comfortable and easy, regardless of the pastime in the road. Besides the cost of renting a Mercedes will cost you much less than renting a Limousine. That's why offering you a huge list of the most stylish and dependable models of Mercedes with a driver. Today we can proudly say, our cars are not only high speed, basic comfort but also color schemes: white and black colors.

- Order your Mercedes E-212 and S 221 with tinted Windows, and meet the guests of honor with the status of the prestigious business person;

- Make a choice in favor of the Mercedes Vito and Viano to throw a stylish party on wheels;

- Stay focused on Mercedes S-222, you add a luxury in a traditional wedding procession.

This list of cars and events, is not a limit to what you can rent from us any model of Mercedes.
In addition, offering you a car rental, we offer you a wide range of individual services and the execution of any whim. It might be leaving cars with signs, decorations, gifts, surprises and other small joys of life. Folded system of SMS alerts that will help you to independently control the movement of other cars ordered from us, and be sure that your guests will not miss your holiday.

With care to you in the pursuit of the ideal.
AM car rental in St. Petersburg, your choice of reliable driving!

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