Operational leasing car

Operational leasing car

What is operational leasing of the car?
Operational car leasing market in Russia is relatively new type of transaction, the operational however, the popularity of car leasing has increased rapidly.
So what is operational leasing?
In order to answer this question, let us consider it in more detail, denote the tools has a car lease and what its specificity. The meaning of the word leasing is borrowed from the English language, the verb (to lease) means to lease.

Operational leasing is a contract that allows the lessee (hereinafter the lessee) to use for your personal or business needs property of the lessor, with the right to repurchase, that is, leasing is a fundamentally new kind of financial services and dignified alternative to the traditional transaction of buying and selling.
Operational leasing of automobiles involves the establishment of a fixed price when signing the contract and transfer, in use at a certain time and a certain mileage, new car.

Operational car leasing a very lucrative offer for both corporate clients and private individuals, because of all the risks related to the vehicle and its operation transferred to a leasing company, so the use of leasing is completely safe for the lessee and he shall not bear any liability for damages, taxes, depreciation base and other costs associated with the operation of the car.

The lessee also provides a set of services included in the contract, the registration of the vehicle, maintenance, repairs, insurance, technical roadside assistance, car replacement in case of breakdown or accident, the seasonal replacement of tires and their storage, these and other efforts fall on the lessor.

Possible additional proposals for the lessee such as:

• provision of fuel cards,
• extract directions,
• logging,
• pretrip medical examination and pre-trip technical inspection of the vehicle,
• sink,
• providing drivers and replacement cars,
• installation of additional equipment in the car.

Compared to the usual hire, car leasing has several advantages:

1. To purchase a car enterprises don't have to remove from circulation a significant amount of money to take out a loan.
2. Remuneration for leasing shall be applicable to deductions from gross annual income, and lease payments are included in the cost, this reduces the taxable base of the enterprise.
3. After signing the contract the client has the opportunity at any time to return the car to the lessor or to replace it with another.

The main advantages of operational leasing to conventional leasing is: no need to expand the staff for hiring employees who will have to service the fleet, accordingly, the company can focus on your core business. The company and the lessee exempts itself from possible risks and the administrative time and hassle.

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