To give the car in good hands offer specialists outsourcing

To give the car in good hands offer specialists outsourcing

In St. Petersburg begins to form a market for the outsourcing of the fleet.
If in Moscow there is already a lot of companies specializing in providing outsourcing services to corporate clients in the Northern capital players in this market unit. Today, companies either have their own fleet, or choose a standard option of renting vehicles.
And if the rental market is highly competitive, outsourcing services demand is there and supply is limited.

Car outsourcing involves the transfer of servicing of third-party special organization. In the list of services may include up to 40 names, namely:

• different types of car insurance (MTPL, CASCO),
• the formation of the wage Fund attendants and drivers as well as their ongoing training and coaching, washing, night Parking, organization of workplaces for staff,
• maintenance of the fleet,
• annual inspections the traffic police, etc.

Some companies in the repair, accidents or scheduled maintenance offer the customer a replacement car at the time of his absence on the line.
The set of services depends not on model, and the individual requirements of a particular client and the state of his car in a Parking lot, etc.
According to news Agency InfoLine, the major players of the Russian market of outsourcing services are Karrenta (Petersburg), Pingvin Avtoprokat, OOO (Moscow), "Olga-Limousine" (Moscow), Europcar (international company, leader in Europe), Hertz (international company, leader in the USA), AVIS Rent a Car (international company, ranked second in the USA), and Petersburg dealers offering service rentals: ZAO "Axel-motors", LLC "Volkswagen centre Pulkovo", LLC "Auto axis", CJSC "Multimotors", OOO Eleks-Polyus".

Outsourcing services provide the leasing company.
Today outsourcer can take on the service as a single customer's vehicle, and a Park. And the greater the number of cars the company trusts outsourcer, the better for the client.
"The bigger the fleet, the cheaper the cost of maintenance pieces of equipment — said the head of Department on work with corporate clients of the company Daria Sachenok. — As for the lineup, we have experience servicing a variety of vehicles: passenger cars, medium and business class, minivans, minibuses and buses.
The restriction in this case can only be the lack of authorized service stations on a particular brand."

"If we are talking about car rental companies, you certainly own a large fleet is needed to work in the market b2b ("business to business". — B) — adds the Deputy General Director for work with corporate clients of the company Karrenta Marina Balashkina.

— To provide services on operational leasing terms:
here the machines are purchased mainly under the order, therefore, as such the fleet of the company providing this service, might not be." According to Ms. Valachchenai, in many companies there are restrictions on the model number:
since they were established as collateral of business at car dealerships, that only work with specific brands of cars.

The growth rate of the market of outsourcing services, as well as its volume, to estimate at the moment is difficult. On the one hand, companies and customers have a clear need for this service, on the other — on the approval of contract takes a lot of time.

The market of outsourcing services can be compared with the Russian market market rental and car rental services, whose capacity, according to analysts, in 2007 will not exceed $55-60 million a year.
Moreover, at least 80% of the rental market falls on the share of Moscow and about 15% in Petersburg city and its suburbs.
The annual growth rate be in Russia as a whole about 20%, in Petersburg — not less than 30%.
According to market participants, it is easiest to maintain cars that have a short lifetime, up to three years, as they are in good condition and do not require significant investment in repairs.

In addition, there is a generally accepted world practice of fleet renewal:
it must be replaced every three years for the safety of the passengers.
"Recommend any models and brands is difficult because it depends on the purpose of use of a car," says Mrs. Arlashkina. — I believe that in the long-term lease it is best to choose a car of economy class, and here a good option is Ford Focus 2, Peugeaut 307, Mitsubishi Colt.

If this is business class, then it is better to take the car of Mercedes brand, the most popular of which now is 220-I model".
The economic benefit of the company, requiring the services of an outsourcing depends on the number of drivers, their work schedule, and so forth, because first of all, the outsourcer provides the client with the driver.

"The company saves 3-5 cent of the cost compared to if she was engaged in the service of the fleet itself," assesses MS Sachenok.
"The purchase of a car, insurance, registration in the traffic police — all one-time and large investments," agrees Ms. Arlashkina.
Is a lot of organizational work: the establishment of the transport Department, recruitment of staff, registration with the appropriate authorities".
Under Finance lease vehicle organization simply makes a monthly rent which includes all payments and relates this to the costs of the organization. Alexander Ryabtsev, the Director of "Ikar" (division GK "interlizing" specialising on leasing of automobile motor transport), says that outsourcing allows you to relieve the accounting, technical and HR departments and the client to focus on core business processes.

Today, according to the participants in the market, outsourcing services are used mainly by large foreign manufacturing company with a headcount from 200 people who removed from the town centre or are outside it, but lately have become interested in outsourcing and banking institutions.
According to Ms. Barlascini, mainly by outsourcing use branches or representative offices of Western companies, with the scope of activities of such companies may be different, but in fact they represent large trading holdings.

"The basis of the target audience are entrepreneurs and employees of large companies, so the transfer of governmental functions and offices of large companies in St.-Petersburg ('Gazprom Neft', 'Transnefteprodukt') will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in market capacity, which is most developed in Moscow", — says the head of the intelligence news Agency InfoLine Michael Burmistrov.

In addition, taking into account that the industry of Northern capital has recently developed quite rapidly and on the outskirts of the city and in the Leningrad region built a number of industrial enterprises, outsourcing services will benefit the St. Petersburg companies are in great demand.
This will be exacerbated by the trend to the conclusion of already existing industrial enterprises from the city centre.

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