External fleet management

External fleet management

An external control can be transmitted to the existing fleet, and created from scratch.
Their other cars.
Vehicles served on the side.
In St. Petersburg the service of the external fleet management is used today mainly large foreign companies and banking institutions.
While the management and maintenance of machinery are not relevant for the company into administration (outsourcing) can theoretically be transmitted and the fleet, consisting of only one car.
And also, according to the General Director of the Central dispatching service" (trade mark "TAKSITI") Andrey Spirin, from any kind of machines:
from high-rise large-tonnage truck cranes to passenger car economy class.

All and all on the side
An external control can be transmitted to the existing fleet, and created from scratch. In the latter case, it is the company-the provider decides what cars the fleet will consist of what service centers they will be served, where to Park, how will you manage the situation with accidents and insurance cases as at the end of lifetime cars will be implemented, etc. - the list of services for outsourcing of the fleet today can total up to 40 points.
In addition, the provider he hires drivers that enables the company-the customer does not inflate its staff and reduce the costs of document management.

There is no benefit, but it is.
Theoretically, the savings from the transfer of the fleet outsourcing (depending on the number of vehicles, their age and technical condition, whether the customer has a private Parking, opportunities to provide additional service personnel bonuses, etc.) can reach 3-5% of all costs associated with the maintenance of the Park.
Often, however, monetary benefits from use of the service is not at all - because the costs are essentially the same, and they still added the fee of the provider, which is an average of 3-8% of the total costs associated with the maintenance of the fleet.

Benefit of the other.
"Decrease the risks, indirect costs, labor costs of accountancy and personnel Department, and, most importantly, free up resources to conduct core business of the company", - explains the head of Department on work with corporate clients Daria Sachenok.
Another reason for the transfer of the fleet to an external control may be the lack of own technical base for the maintenance of vehicles.

Boom will.
Potential consumers of this service are the leading manufacturing and trading company with a large (over 100 vehicles) fleet, designed for sales managers and transportation of goods.
However, while the outsourcing of corporate fleet resorted to only foreign companies and the banks.
One of the reasons is that the practice of transferring secondary functions, not directly related to main activity of the company, specialized firms-executors in Russia came from abroad.
But, experts say, if Russian companies now have to outsource all accounting, HR functions (staffing), etc., soon the queue can reach up to corporate fleets.
The example, as usual, demonstrates Moscow, where after a growing demand for the service of external control of the fleet increases and the number of companies providing it. In St. Petersburg in this area is still occupied only a few firms.
The head of Department on work with corporate clients Daria Sachenok sure companies to better engage in the relevant business, and the fleet to transfer the management to the professionals.

Definition. The outsourcing of the fleet.
The provider provides a range of works and services related to the preparation, organization and implementation of road transport companies on the vehicles that are in its ownership, including operation of motor vehicles, dispatch, HR outsourcing, etc.

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