Order the wedding procession for the celebration, rentals for weddings - the elegance in every line.
We will help tip to pick up the car.
Cars Executive and business class consistently prestigious and sought. Mercedes wedding is the classic version, which will only emphasize Your exquisite taste.
For group trips are provided by comfortable minibuses.
Renting a car for a wedding in St. Petersburg, be sure to consider the route. Traditionally, the obligatory route is a trip home - the Registrar,memorable places, where the newlyweds to lay flowers and take pictures, and, of course, adherence to the Banquet venue, you can also designate important it is to you, and our driver will take you there without any problems.
We will help you choose a wedding car that meet all your requirements.

Additional features:

  • Car decoration for wedding
  • Wedding procession

In recent times it has become very popular car decoration wedding artificial flowers.
Indeed, the compositions of artificial flowers in the wedding car look more elegant and beautiful than traditional ribbons, bows, balloons and puppets on the hood of the car.
Flowers decoration machine is not an easy task, as the arrangement of flowers and decorative elements should be in harmony with body shape and color of the car.
We will help You to decorate wedding cars and minibuses compositions of artificial flowers and decor.

Cost of services:

  • on the roof and on the hood of 1500 R.
  • on door handles, 300 p.
  • mirror 600 R.

*The prices given on the website are not a public offer.