"Corporate taxi is a unique opportunity to highlight the prestigious nature of your event. To show themselves worthy, and will stand out among the mass of competitors." Best emphasizes the status of the business – class car with a personal driver.
Today, rent a car for legal persons, it is not only a method to show effective concern for colleagues, boss, and guests.

But a decent way to have a great time in luxury luxury of motion.
• Go on a trip with the staff at Mercedes.
• Meet business partners on the Viano minivan.
• Visit corporate, arriving by bus Volvo.

Visit our site to book a rental corporate taxi, rest assured you made the right choice in the decision to take care of their status.
Only here you will find the most extensive range of modern and reliable cars, with the cost of renting is lower than it should be.

• Lower than – spectacular, than necessary!

At our site you can order corporate taxi right now, in advance of choosing the brand of car, and the time of its departure on place.

Applying to us for a taxi, you always get an individual approach , so a lot of advantages, including the color selection car, the right number of places, meetings with labels, the same driver, flowers, tea gifts and more.

Our services will allow you to save a lot of money and time, since the content of our fleet gives you the opportunity to make a choice of car rental according to the huge list of set criteria:
• Executive class;
• Prestigious "S" class;
• Designed business class, all at your discretion.

"...A car with a driver or with a crew. For office personnel, staff, delegations, superiors, foreigners or for the newlyweds". Hire our corporate cars are equally good in demand among people of different social positions, from businessmen to brides, from foreign visitors to VIPs, and this is not the limit.

• Working around the clock, our operators will take your order at any time of the day or night, and provide you with accurate auto supply for 15 minutes at the specified place in any district of St. Petersburg.

With us corporate events with a Bang, and you will be satisfied with the high level of service, controlling the work of a taxi with the help of SIS alerts and the maintenance (on our part) accurate accounting of costs.
"There is a view that the taxi is exclusively a means of private transportation. Transfer, delivery, etc., all of it is profitable and convenient for the purposes of personal comfort. However, this judgment is not completely fair as taxi services today are among the most common methods to successfully assert themselves in the social world. One of the most spectacular of car rental services is a corporate taxi is a prestigious way to subtly hint at your position and independence of a material nature.

Surprise your colleagues and competitors if you order a prestige car for a few hours or the whole day, and you will receive not only a discount on our services, but rather positive emotions that will accompany you throughout the day, wherever you go."
If you often need to arrange transportation subordinates to work, from work, or "work", wherever that may be, you can always order the action of the affiliate program. This car hire will enable you to feel confident in holding any kind of events.

Benefits of the partnership program are obvious – your colleagues will always have the free option to order a taxi for travel, sluzhebnyh trips, business meetings, and everything is comfortable, fast, and extremely secure. Every day, the number of working with us organizations is steadily increasing, which gives a good indication of the quality of our services.
With rich experience, our drivers are choosing reliable routes, leaving behind tubes and other taxi drivers.

The question of what a corporate taxi is best to book in St. Petersburg, a representative of any organization at least once, who used our services, will answer simply:
Corporate taxi "Auto Management" is Your reliable choice movement.
"AM" Your choice of a reliable taxi!