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Tour Program

1. Imperial favorites (from Peter the great to Nicholas II)

Heroes tour will be Prince A. D. Menshikov, the mechanic Nartov, B. P. Sheremetyev, Admiral James Bruce, Ernest Biron, Alexey Razumovsky, Shuvalov, Grigory Orlov and Grigory Potemkin, A.V. Suvorov and E. R. Dashkova, Vincenzo Brenna, And Kutuzov and M. Rossi, P. K. Klodt and M. M. Speransky, Princess E. M. Dolgorukova, E. P. Romanov, Matilda Kseshinskaya and Grigory Rasputin. Approximate duration - 3 hours.

2. A. S. Pushkin in St. Petersburg

Petersburg childhood and youth of the poet, the Lyceum fellowship. Visit To Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. The story of the Decembrists to the poet's life. Three periods in the life of Alexander Pushkin in St. Petersburg: the Lyceum, after graduating from school and "family" 1831-1837, the Story of the poet in St. Petersburg and the places where "registered" characters of his works. The last apartment of the poet. The story of the duel A. S. Pushkin, the site of the duel; the poet's monument in the city. Duration - 3 hours.

3. Grand princes palaces and their inhabitants

Excursion acquaints with the genealogy of the Imperial family. You will see the Anichkov Palace, Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace (Sergey), Nicholas, Michael and Novo-Mikhailovsky, Mariinsky and Marble, Vladimir Alexandrovich and Alexei Alexandrovich Stroganov, Yusupov and Shuvalov palaces. The duration is about 5-6 hours. Tour includes visits to museums, visits to museums on request by the client.

4. The last years of his life A. S. Pushkin

"...Flying sleigh along the Neva river, along the squares, by the bridges, The black lionfish is covered, Pushkin hurry love." To the snow-covered wooden gate of the house on the Moika,12 approached the sleigh. In the sled lay pale from the pain of a poet. Old faithful servant, Nikita Kozlov will raise on hands like a baby Alexander. Pushkin will ask him: "you're Sad carry me?". Anticipating trouble, a faithful servant will not say anything... On the tour You will learn about the traditions and history of dueling code in Russia, about the historical and tragic Pushkin's duel with the Frenchman Georges d'anthes. Approximate duration – 3 hours.

5. Churches In St. Petersburg. (visit the Alexander Nevsky monastery to be ordered separately)

St. Petersburg is one of the largest centers of world spiritual culture. On the tour You will get acquainted with different religions and their traditions. Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, mosque, synagogue, Buddhist Datsan. Tour of the most famous temples of the city, acquaintance with their history. You will see the cathedrals of St. Peter and Paul in the Peter and Paul fortress, Prince Vladimir, St. Isaac, Kazan, Transfiguration, Trinity, Izmailovsky regiment, Church of St. Catherine, Church of St. Peter on Nevsky. Visit the churches and miraculous icons, the resting place of the relics of saints Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Visit with detailed information about the most revered saints in St. Petersburg and its patrons. Approximate duration – 4 hours.

6. Heavenly patrons of St. Petersburg

The story of the saints who became the heavenly patron of our city. Visit to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in the Peter and Paul fortress, Kazan Cathedral (sculptures of saints Andrew the Apostle, Prince Vladimir, Alexander Nevsky), the Alexander Nevsky monastery (the relics of Alexander Nevsky), cathedrals of St. Nicholas and the Epiphany, St. John monastery (the story of sacred John of Kronstadt), the chapel of St. Blessed Xenia in the Smolensk cemetery. Approximate duration – 4 hours.

7. "Russia raised nadyby" - Dreams and deeds of Peter the Great First

Petr Alekseevich, is rightfully received from posterity the title of Great ceremonial, actively responded to everything new that was happening in the world. Exist in his time, phenomena such as "innovation" and "nanotechnology", the Emperor would gave appropriate instructions to the widespread planting in the country mentioned wonders. Seems to be a part of Russia, which Peter would not want to drastically change. By the end of his reign are very few places that escaped the Petrine reforms. Without Peter the Great, there would be no Peter, that his "brilliant errors" based on the bones and a swamp in 1703, nor the glorious Russian Navy, armed to the teeth nor the army, nor the first Russian Museum, the first Russian newspaper. The first Russian Emperor can be attributed to the units elected and managed to turn the tide of history. Conversion, the initiator and main driving force of which was Peter who caused and will cause. Even to his contemporaries, he was both an earthly God, Antichrist, and "ljubomora". What was Peter the Great conceived, dreamed, and done for Russia, for our city You know on the tour. See St. Isaac's Cathedral, Peter and Paul fortress and Cabin of Peter the great. Approximate duration 3 hours. With a visit to the Kunstkammer: 4 hours The Hermitage appeared in the age of Catherine the great, and much that is written also appeared later in beautiful places will pass.

8. The town of muses - Music (theatre) Petersburg (the theme of the tour is set to upcoming concert/performance tickets must be ordered by the customer).

The first sounds of music on the banks of the Neva sounded during the laying of the fortress of St. Petersburg on hare island 16 (27) may 1703. The court choristers Peter I brought from Moscow, and in the Northern capital appeared the choir, now known as the St. Petersburg academic choir. Theatre square is called the musical "Mecca" of St. Petersburg. Here is the Conservatory named after N. Rimsky-Korsakov and one of the best musical theaters in the world - the Mariinsky theatre. Petersburg - the birthplace of the domestic jazz. The first jazz bands appeared in Leningrad in the twenties of the last century, and now created the world's only State Philharmonic of jazz music. For several years now, jazz lovers come to the international festival "white nights 'Swing". The life of modern St. Petersburg is impossible to imagine without international competitions and festivals. It was here in the late XIX century on the initiative of composer A. G. Rubinstein hosted the first international music competition. And now each year the world's best conductors, composers and pianists come to the competition named after S. S. Prokofiev. In recent years, has revived a wonderful tradition - the music sounded in palaces. At fountain house, keeping the memory about the musical evenings of the counts Sheremetev, is a collection of musical instruments, and in the White concert hall of the Palace regularly visit chamber and Symphony concerts. Hospitably opened the doors of the palaces of the Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace and Nikolaev, mansion of M. Kshesinskaya. Students gather in the music room of the Marble Palace. The duration is about 4-5 hours

9. Lord Novgorod the Great – a look through centuries

The oldest city of Russia, the cradle of Russian democracy, medieval centre of trade and crafts, boundless field for research by historians, architects and archaeologists — all this is Veliky Novgorod. From the walls of the Novgorod Kremlin went on hikes and Oleg the wise, and Alexander Nevsky, on the Bank of the Ilmen-lake sang their enchanting songs merchant Sadko, but by the river route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" sailed the endless boat loaded with goods from overseas countries. The citizens always had to brag about to the neighbors. Here didn't wear the sandals, and went to leather boots, there were paved streets since ancient times, princes were named and banished, when she wanted, and Novgorod architects and painters were struck by the craftsmanship. Tour of the road from Petersburg to Moscow. In Veliky Novgorod visit to the Kremlin (St. Sophia Cathedral of the XI century, the faceted Palace, the monument "Millennium of Russia"), Yaroslav's court (Church of the XII - XVI centuries), the Museum of wooden architecture "Vitoslavlitsy". You will visit the origins of the Volkhov river and visit the St. George Cathedral (XII century) in St. Yuri monastery. The duration is about 14-15 hours

10. The city of three revolutions, St. Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad (visiting the legendary cruiser "Aurora" and the Museum of political history of Russia ordered separately)

Familiarity with landmark events of Russian history 1917-18гг. The beginning of the crisis the Provisional government, the October revolution and the first steps of Soviet power. Inspection of monuments, buildings and places associated with these events. Visit the cruiser "Aurora" and the Museum of Political history. The tour can be included interactive programs: A) "White" and "red". Devoted to the history of the Civil war in Russia, in the lives of people and classes. The focus of the tour given the events of 1918, caused the split of society based on political opinion that led to multimillion victims. B) Game session for students and parents "means the First pioneer" (grades 5-7, a group of 20 people) The game program will help young Museum visitors to get acquainted with the world of childhood of their grandparents. Guys don't just walk through the halls of the Museum with a guided tour, but also be able to work out in "the Soviet school".Here it is possible to paint the school wall newspaper, learning how to tie a pioneer tie, feel like a team leader... to Learn how they lived, dreamed pioneers in the 1950s-60s Approximate duration - 4 hours. (program for students and their parents)

12. I live in the city of Peter the Great (visit the Public library to be ordered separately) (4 hours).

You will see Peter the great's Petersburg, will visit the main squares of the city, admire its beaches and beautiful cathedrals, and temples. In the halls of the Public library You visit the Department of manuscripts, Department of rare books, which contains the collection of West-European and Russian early printed books, a collection of Peter's, the largest publication printers Allow and Added. Get acquainted with the library of Voltaire. The library numbered 6814 volumes of print periodicals, about 2000 of which had handwritten notes of the philosopher and other traces of reading. In addition, the collection of about fifty volumes of manuscripts; thirteen of them - copies of the works of Voltaire with author's corrections, correspondence, manuscripts of Frederick II and other contemporaries; five volumes of manuscripts relating to the history of Russia under Peter the great, and nearly three dozen handwritten copies of the forbidden books of the eighteenth century. Approximate duration 4 hours (maximum number of people in the same group should not exceed fifteen)

13. Kronshtadt is a fortress city, the port and the shield of the North of Russia. (A visit to the Cathedral to be ordered separately).

"...Here, on new them waves, All flags will come to us..." A. S. Pushkin A fascinating journey to the naval town founded by Peter the Great. Tour of the track, the story about the construction of a dam and its construction. Sightseeing tour of Kronstadt. Sightseers will see in Kronstadt monuments to Peter I and the Russian sailors, acting still Petrovsky dry dock, the Kronstadt seamark, Naval Cathedral and the Admiralty, acquainted with the constructions of dams and FORTS. Approximate duration – 5 - 6 hours.

14. A hymn to conjugal love. (Visit to the Palace and Park in Pavlovsk optional).

This tour is about love... Something that is not experienced in the married life of Catherine II, this fate bestowed upon her son the Emperor Paul I. But Paul I have not reached the Imperial throne of the Majesty of his mother. On 12 December 1777 at the young couple, Paul Petrovich and Maria Feodorovna was born the son Alexander, the future Savior of Russia and the liberator of Europe. In honor of his birth, Catherine II gives young parents the village of Pavlovsk. Love, labour, patience, excellent taste Maria Feodorovna and Paul turned the former hunting grounds of the most romantic area of the surroundings of the Northern capital. In the scenery of the Pavlovsk Palace and Park develops a beautiful story of marital love the most misunderstood of the Russian Emperor Paul I. The duration is 6-7 hours.


15. Lions guard the city.

Guys will see the best works of animal sculpture: iconic city lions, horses, sphinxes, griffins, learn amazing stories and myths associated with them. For primary and secondary schools. Duration approximately 3-4 hours.

16. In search of a cat.

Interactive city tour in search of the "St. Petersburg cats" - sculptures and interesting places. The tour takes place in the form of a game with crosswords, puzzles and tales. Guide conducts an excursion in the cat suit, on the bus after watching cartoons on the topic. For primary and secondary schools. Duration approximately 3-4 hours.

17. We are looking for my grandmother.

Interactive tour – a Quest through the gardens, parks and sculptures. In the process children perform tasks, compete, looking for "treasure", get small prizes. On the bus after watching cartoons on the topic. In the summer, when the sculptures are open. For primary and secondary schools. Duration approximately 3-4 hours.

18. Pushkin's Fairy Tales.

Visit the Museum-apartment of Pushkin, the Summer garden, the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. Tour takes place with fairy tales, games, watching cartoons on the theme at the end. For primary and secondary schools. Duration approximately 3-4 hours.

19. Legends Of Petersburg.

Mysteries and legends of St. Petersburg provide the opportunity for total immersion in the atmosphere. Interactive tour with crosswords, puzzles and tales. For middle school. Duration approximately 3-4 hours.

20. Visiting fairies.

Palaces and museums of St. Petersburg to choose from. Interactive tour with fairy tales. For primary and secondary schools. Duration approximately 3-4 hours. It was born Petersburg. Palaces with children's themes. Kronstadt. The Siege Of Leningrad. The Road Of Life. *Material adapted for children in primary and secondary schools. *The duration is 3-4 hours.