We offer you to use our services to provide distribution service (SRS) employees.
We provide this service for more than 10 years on the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, which allows us to provide services in this market are of the highest quality.

In the list of service distribution includes:

  • Scheduling (hour dispatch service);
  • Compliance schedules and the schedule of the SR;
  • Prompt response to schedule change CP;
  • Daily technical control of vehicles (TC) before leaving the line and return;
  • Daily pre-trip medical examination of drivers before departure on a line and return;
  • Assistance in routing;
  • Preventive maintenance (to-1, to-2, etc.) by specialized companies (ATP or STO);
  • Replacement vehicle in the event of a malfunction in the shortest period of time (10-30 minutes);
  • Equipment vehicle mobile communication;
  • Insurance on each vehicle;
  • Provision of qualified drivers;
  • A permanent staff of drivers, mounted under the customer;
  • Compliance with presentable appearance of the vehicle and maintaining cleanliness in the cabin of the vehicle.

We can also according to the customer to provide additional services:

  • Providing drivers with knowledge of foreign language;
  • Providing the sides of our vehicle for branding. The integrated use of our TS to the advertising goals of the customer;
  • The purchase and installation of additional equipment in the vehicle;
  • Provide backup vehicle, etc.

Transport company OOO "Auto Management" pays special attention to the formation of a professional team of drivers:

  • We make a thorough set of drivers with a category "B" and / or "D", the length of which is at least 5 – 7 years;
  • Drivers receive annual 20-hour safety program: drivers pass a medical examination once a year the Company conducts additional training, coaching and internship;
  • "Auto Management" provides training to corporate culture, the purpose of which is the formation of a polite and helpful attitude towards the customer;
  • Drivers of our company are distinguished by their strong discipline.

The company is ready to provide You with service the Shuttle buses minibuses and buses with qualified drivers.

Calculation of cost of services for the provision of service delivery is carried out individually for a specific order and depends on the following factors:

  • Schedule and schedule CP;
  • Route SR;
  • The number of the CU;
  • The use of the vehicle;
  • Make, model and year vehicle;
  • The availability of equipment in the vehicle, influence on occupant comfort, etc.

Working with our company, You can be assured that we will provide services of the highest quality and will offer You the best option tailored to Your wishes in number of seats, the length of the route and cost.
The company has all necessary licenses, are allowed to operate for passengers.