The service eliminates the necessity to service the corporate fleet.
For operational leasing the car is transferred for the use of fixed term or for a certain mileage.
The monthly payment includes the organization buying the car, maintenance and all additional costs associated with the operation of the vehicle.

The services provided under the contract of operative leasing:

  • Statement on the account in traffic police;
  • Payment of the transport tax;
  • Scheduled maintenance, repairs under normal wear and tear;
  • Tire service (tire delivery, tire service, seasonal storage
  • Hour roadside assistance, evacuation;
  • Management of the insured event;
  • Replacement vehicle.
  • Insurance:
  • - OSAGO (without limiting the number of permitted persons); DSAGO $ 50000. USA ;
    - CASCO (without limiting the number of eligible persons);
    - The management contract.