We offer you to use the outstaffing(withdrawal of personnel from the staff of the enterprise) of the driving staff.

In the secondment services include:

  • Services on work with personnel;
  • Maintain all personnel procedures in accordance with labour legislation;
  • Calculation and payment of allowances for temporary work incapacity, compensation for vacations, making travel expenses;
  • Monthly calculation and payment of wages;
  • Calculation and payment of the existing income and social taxes;
  • Making necessary accounting reports and certificates;
  • Termination of employment with the employee upon Client's request;
  • Regular and mandatory drivers training, workshops and briefings;
  • Profmedcentr, if necessary;
  • Search and selection of personnel;
  • Replacement of personnel with temporary disability and vacation.

With outstaffing we make an employee of Your company in your state and are responsible for payment of wages, taxes, maintenance of HR work (training) and the labor relations under the Russian legislation, i.e. our company becomes a formal employer for Your employees and assumes full legal and financial responsibility for them.

The cost of each project is agreed with the client and depends on:

  • The number of people sent to the state Agency;
  • The total wage Fund transferred to staff;
  • From the system of taxation applied by the customer;
  • Of a long term project;
  • Individual customer requests, for example, the inclusion in the system of voluntary medical insurance.

Outstaffing provides the following benefits:

  • Flexibility in use of staff;
  • Maintaining direct management of the work of employees while reducing the administrative and accounting burden;
  • The lack of legal obligations to the employee;
  • The absence of risks associated with dismissals;
  • Guarantee full compliance with all the norms of labor and tax legislation.

Using our services, You can focus on your core business, reduce administrative costs for maintenance of personnel records and payroll, resolve issues related to the limitation of staffing and budget.
The main purpose of staffing the company establishes the compliance with all standards of social responsibility.