Daily life in the ultra modern metropolis such as the city of St. Petersburg requires its residents enhanced mobility, and even sometimes it is not enough to have a personal vehicle as necessary on the road to solve issues, to have free hands and head, so very often without transport with a personal driver is indispensable.

There are two options is to rent a car LLC "Auto Management" with a permanent driver for long term or provision of outstaffing services for the selection and provision of permanent personal driver for clients.
What is the benefit of a Client when hiring a chauffeur.
-the car at the time defined by the destination and by a certain time, the client will save time on warming up and preparing the car to the road and the actual time on the road to the Parking lot;
-compliance with all rules and regulations traffic rules And traffic safety, so passengers can feel safe;
-ensuring the optimal movement of passengers, personal driver has the skills that can help avoid road traffic and congestion, even if congestion can not be avoided, the passengers can rest or occupy yourself with something useful or entertaining;
-execute small client orders, the driver can perform the functions of the courier, for example, for delivery of documents or personal assistant;
-save time and effort keeping the car clean and health, as well as cost accounting and compliance with the availability and terms of renewal of all necessary documents for the car.

A reliable and experienced personal driver will not only take You on time to your desired location, possessing a great knowledge of the area and traffic situation. Personal driver will be able to provide the most safe trip, possessing the skills of driving in extreme situations in any season and be able to preserve your nerves while driving through the streets of Your city.

In order to find a good chauffeur, we recommend You to go the proven route is to contact our delivery company, we recruit the candidate with the right skills and competencies. We will fulfill Your wishes. Some of our customers require a family driver.
Family the driver will take the spouses to work and children to school or sport club, and will perform small household errands.
But some clients need a personal driver or office driver. A personal driver is very popular among people with high status and position.
Such driver must possess a number of special skills and qualities, without which it would not be able to perform their duties properly.
Namely the ability to drive cars of different types and brands, especially expensive and luxury, as well as the ability to be attentive to the needs of passengers and anticipate their wishes.

Our drivers undergo mandatory psychological testing, familiar with the rules of etiquette and have a presentable appearance. Our company can pick up a personal driver with a license to carry firearms.

The duties of such drivers combined with the functions of a bodyguard for the head of the firm or client organization.
The functions of the office of the driver includes transportation of documents and staff on the purpose, the sidings office orders, meeting the guests and partners. Often used and drivers who work on a predetermined schedule by days of the week or at certain hours, in shifts.
After contacting our company, we within 3 days You will find a few names of drivers under Your request, will send their resumes with photo by e-mail and schedule an interview at a time convenient for you.