At the request of the client provided in the interior of the car everything that can make the trip comfortable.

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    In each car there is free drinking water bottle for passengers.
    We always care about our customers!

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    Each car has an umbrella. And if the street the rain — our driver to meet the passenger with an umbrella.

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    Child seat/booster seat

    Your child's safety in our vehicle first! We have provided the ability to install child seat according to customer's request.

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    Mobile terminal

    The mobile terminal installed in our cars. With it, customers can pay for services on the spot.

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    Wipes in the salon

    In the cabin of our cars always has wet and dry wipes to keep it clean. We care about customers!

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    Hygienic bags

    Hygienic bags for transport used for the collection, isolation, storage and subsequent disposal of human waste (vomit).

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    Packages for wheels

    Offer our customers additional services and care about them by giving them packages for the wheels.

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    Personal gift

    Exclusive service for its customers, and that means a lot of advantages: color quality with a sign, one driver, flowers, newspapers ect.

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    Signal flags

    The signal flags are designed to supply visual signals. Usually use two kinds of signal flags: yellow and red.

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    Car charger

    To comfortably use all mobile devices: tablet, phone and camera, in our cars there is a special charger.

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    Car GPS tracker

    The cars are fitted with GPS equipment, collecting information about the machine location and her condition, sending her to the Manager.

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    Breathalyzer built into the vehicle.
    Driving is allowed only when sober!